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Who are we?

Two international medical graduates (IMGs) who works in the UK as medical doctors, creating a community of learners.

  • Dr Ibreez Ajaz

    She currently works at University Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust as a clinical research fellow. She was awarded the 2021 Peninsula School of Medicine Trainee of the Year award for her continual commitment to supporting equality, diversity, and inclusivity as well as heading such posts as the Chair of the Junior Doctor’s Committee, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian, and co-chair of the South West British Medical Association BAME network.

  • Dr Ibrahim Ivan

    He currently works at Derriford Hospital as a Speciality Registrar in Internal Medicine. He also had the privilege of being one of the Differential Attainment Fellows for the Health Education of England, South West. This has allowed him the opportunity to work towards creating a fair and equal work environment for doctors in training, regardless of their background.

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