Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you charging for sessions?

We pride ourselves on providing a plethora of FREE resources already with our blog and YouTube channel. If you wish, you can find everything you need to know through your own research. The guidance sessions are for those who require a more in-depth look or who simply do not have the time to read everything. The fees cover the cost to run our site and various activities, which come to $3,000+ a month.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No. The purpose of our guidance session is to have a face-to-face conversation and having it recorded creates the opportunity for it to be shared, which can mislead others instead of guiding them. If you want guidance from recorded videos, please take courses in our academy or watch videos in our YouTube channel.

Can I book a session with a spouse, friend or colleague?

As we are looking to provide one-on-one guidance, we therefore limit sessions to a single individual. If, however, you are a parent or guardian who would like to sit in on a session with your child, we are happy to accommodate this.

Can I get a refund if I no longer want the session?

Unfortunately no. Our calendar gets booked quickly, and we want you to be committed enough to make it to the session if you have scheduled one. Some sessions have provision of rescheduling. Check the confirmation email for guidance.

Will you write my NHS job application for me?

It depends on the session you book. If you are booking Get your NHS Job Application written, we will write the major parts of your application for you based on the information you provide to us via an online form. But in the NHS Jobs Profile Review & Recommendation, we will NOT write the profile for you, rather it will be a review.

Will you write me a CV in the ‘Get a Professional CV’ session?

Yes. We discuss at length about your qualifications and experiences so far and write a CV for you which will take 2-3 weeks to deliver following the session. Please note, to apply for NHS jobs you don’t always need a CV written. If you’re planning for MTI application, consultant, or senior fellow job application you may require a CV.

Will you cover clinical scenarios in the interview session?

It’s not possible for us to go through clinical scenarios for all specialities. We mainly focus on common questions that are asked in the interview. Having said that, if time allows, we can go through a generic structure of how you should approach any clinical question.